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Greendam is filtering soft for china. China government obligates Greendam for all computers in china. It was made by army. Greendam has not only moral problem but also a lot of systematic defect. China government delay to operate Greendam.

  China is not democracy country. Computer is one of the typical democratic tools. People contact each other through internet. In other word internet is made by people. It is danger for none democratically country, like china. Nowadays banning internet is not realistic policy so china government is trying all computers to equip filing software which is made by government. They thought if all computers equip filing software like Greendam, government can control computer. Then they can control democratization movement.

 I wonder why china government thought this policy would success. It’s absolutory impossible to control internet. For long time people who have very high skill and too much smart tried remove illegal information from internet but they couldn’t. Of course China government doesn’t have enough ability to do it.

 I guess Chinese people are preparing for someday government obligates Greendam. At least if I lived in china, I do it easily.


What is Mond selection?

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We can see anywhere which are receive Mond prize. Mond selection was started in 1961.

I wonder why many foods are receive it after I know what is Mond Seriction.

They have many price, like gold medal and silvir medal and so on.  it just call medal but actually Mond Selection is NOT competition!

And I have another question.

Judges are not Japanese. How to judge what is delicious food for Japanese.

Every anthropoid ape can laugh

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Gorilla, chimpanzee and other anthropoid ape can laugh. Davila Ross said human’s laugh and other anthropoid ape’s laugh are same origin. But why they can laugh same as human being. When we laugh, we can show how fanny is it but why they do like human. Do they also show it? If they can laugh, they can be comedian. It’s pretty funny, isn’t it?

Harumafuzi Kouhei

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He is a sumo reseller. He won Gogatubasyo. He is Mongolian. When you listen this ward s maybe you think “sumo reseller is almost Mongolian.” Some people don’t want Mongolian to be Yokozuna because sumo is national sport in Japan. Actually many sumo resellers are foreigner. I wonder why people don’t want to presser pleasure about it. People shouldn’t care their nationality. We should see their behavior. Harumafuzi is pretty good player because he effort too much and polite. And he knows about Japanese custom. It’s hard foreigners becomes sumo reseller because they must follow Japanese custom and religion. I pity that they are discriminated even they made too much effort.

He is the best reseller. Sumo association and sumo fun should be open for foreigner reseller.

Catechin in Coke

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This coke’s name is “coca cola plus catechin”. Coke plus catechin and green tea flavor. It‘s surprising combination. I could guess lemon flavor but I can’t imagine green tea flavor. If you have enough money and close friend, you should buy it because if it is disgusting, you can enjoy drinking it. But I don’t recommend to buy yourself. You might be want to throw away it as same as blue Pepsi.

The Tiananmen Affair

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20year’s ago Chinese students campaign for democratization.

Everybody knows this picture but nobody knows this man. He didn’t join this student campaign until The Tiananmen Affair. Until now there are many rumors about this man. He is one of the most impulsive person under this affair. Actually he was picked up one of the most impulsive person in the 20 century by time press.

Informal appointment rate

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This year’s informal appointment rate is 47%. It is 13% smaller than last year. It’s serious point for student, in particular, university student. I will graduate next year so we have to consider where should work. It’s not easy decision because we know when Japanese economy depression for long time. Until now some this generation people which graduate 10 year’s ago can’t get their job compare with another generation.